Our pre-built packages for Node.js v0.10.17

We have published our latest pre-built packages for Node.js v0.10.17 for these systems:

  • Debian 6.0.7 i686
  • Ubuntu 12.04 i686
  • Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64
  • Raspbian 7.1 armv6l

Packages are available from our HTTPS server at https://dev.sendanor.com/pub/nodejs/0.10.17/.

How we build them?

These packages were built with our node-deb utility, which is licensed under the MIT License can can be used to build any version of Node.js for Debian compatible systems.

Why we build our own packages?

We actually started it years ago — long before there was pre-built packages available from other sources.

We also like to share our downloads and checksums over HTTPS — Nodejs.org doesn’t do that yet.

We also need the latest releases as soon as possible for all the systems we use and provide support services. We don’t have time to wait for 3rd party releases.

New site up and running

This will be our new international website. We will be moving our finnish site here shortly, too. However the layout and other things here are not yet finished and there’s much to do — so you may have reached us a bit too early.